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Our Vision


The Greens will make corporations pay their fair share of tax so we can invest money in better services. Learn More »

The Greens will invest money into schools, hospitals, parks and public transport. Read more »

The Greens have a plan to prioritise people and planet over corporate profitsCall to action »

a loudhailer

See all our policies that underpin our work for a fairer future for all of us. Our Policies »

Our People

Looking for the Greens candidate in your local area? Find out which of the Greens is standing up to be counted. Show me »

State MPs

The Greens have MPs at State level in six states — with lower house MPs in Victoria, NSW, Tasmania and the ACT. Meet the MPs »

Federal Greens MPs 2016

We're proud of our 10 Federal MPs who show their commitment and courage every day. Meet our MPs »

Our Volunteers

Read about what it's like to be a volunteer on a local campaign team. Read more »